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Leadership and business coaching  

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Leadership coaching​

Understand the  9 different leadership paradigms and their related leadership strengths and potential derailers. Discover your own and learn about the predictable behaviours of leaders of each style and the best development activities to your leadership gifts based on your style. Develop  specific leadership competencies best matched to your business goals -  from driving for results to strategic planning, leading high-preforming teams, and more.

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Team development

Learn how teams can become hugely efficient by increasing their social intellignece, enabling them to work in an enhanced objective, productive, and action-oriented way.  Teach team members to work together effectively and properly value and respect one another particularly in cross sector and cross border situations .  Use the  9 different team player styles to map and diagnose current team functioning and find pathways for increased team effectiveness.

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Communication training

Learn about the 9 different basic styles of communication, how to understand your own communcation style and interpret that of others. Start observing  and recognising how communication is not just the words we use, but also our speech patterns and non-verbal communication. See it is a two-way street between the communicator and the listener, and  how  communication exists and is interpreted in a specific context such as  organsiational culture, geography, or subject matter.

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