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What I stand for and my commitment to you

Angela Scott

Founder and Director

As an Associate of the Enneagram in Business Network and trained and specialised in delivering coaching, consulting and development based on these principles, I look forward to working with you to bring about positive change both inside and outside the workplace.

Leadership is not just about being a brilliant manager. One of the biggest challenges facing leaders and managers is the need for having an exceptional all-round business skill set coupled with a highly developed level of emotional intelligence (EQ) to manage and lead people effectively and sensitively through everyday business but also through diversity and change. I offer you the opportunity to learn how to strengthen your leadership muscles in the skills naturally available to you, how to access a new and wider range of leadership gifts, and how to extend your EQ to communicate with and motivate teams and colleagues on a completely new level. With a drive for excellence in business, management and communications, especially in high technology sectors such as the biotech industry, I have focussed on developing high performing teams and managing them through the humdrum of everyday business and but also through challenging times to deliver positive outcomes.

With my passion for holistic management and effective communication, I have consistently relied on one of the most powerful tools out there for understanding individual diversity and motivation - a tool which has been invaluable both for my own personal and professional development, but also in bringing out the absolute best in my teams.

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